New Websites to lead way

Logicare Plus are putting their money where their mouth is. After significant investment, the new websites that are due to launch next month, are almost completed. Logicare Plus is excited that they are the first of a kind in that theirs are the first websites that will offer such a wide range of services under one roof. Tantalisingly, Eddie Harrison, the companies Technical Director was deliberately vague. When pressed he said "All I can say at the moment is that all three websites that are due to launch on Monday 28th October are inextricably linked and will provide, in unison, an amazingly good marketing facility for the care sector and its supply chain creating win:win situations for them both". Well , he would say that wouldn’t he? Personally, judging by his enthusiasm for the project, I think he might be right and I can’t wait til the launch.

Sep 13, 2013