Care Providers

If you are the owner or manager of a care home, nursing home, domiciliary care agency or other care provider then this page is for you. Here we will help you look after the business side of care by filling your beds, gaining more service users, reducing your costs and many other aspects of the business side of care. Click on any of the areas of interest below to find out more or log in now. You may not realise yet, but you are already a member and access is completely free of charge so go ahead, log in now to find out more.

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  • Products & Services

    Through the Products & Services section of our website, you can access a variety of services that can help you manage your business. This currently includes access to suppliers that offer exclusive member-only discounts under many categories including Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment, Banking & Taxation, Energy & Consumables, Insurances and Management Systems. Coming soon, we will also have additional categories including Health & Wellness, Connect4Life, Recruitment, an online shop and much, much more. Log in now for access.

  • Reduce Costs

    Are you prepared to take the Cost Saving Challenge? Use our unique cost savings calculator to identify the areas that could save you money. We’re not just talking reducing your electricity bill (yawn), we have some real innovations that might interest you. Take a look now.

  • Improve Visibility

    You have to be in it to win it, as they say. The same applies to the ever growing searches for care homes that are made every single day. You have to be out there to be seen! Find out how we can help you fill your empty beds, gain new clients and improve your free listing on the Looking4Care website. Take a look at your listing here and check your details by logging in now.

  • Training Supplied

    Logicare Plus has teamed up with one of the countries leading training providers to provide our members with fully funded training helping individuals fulfil their training and development needs, and helping care providers give their staff just what they need by linking learners to funded training. To see the courses available, log in now.