About Logicare Plus

Hello and welcome to our website. Logicare Plus is the foremost member benefits organisation for the care sector and its supply chain in the UK. Our forward thinking approach is demonstrated admirably through our websites created by our own in-house development team and this I mention only in the hope that it will give you a sense of how Logicare Plus is a new and different type of company working in the care sector. I am sure you will see why as you navigate around our site.

Our Mission & Values

The Logicare Plus mission depends on who you are; for our members that are Care Providers, we aim to service the ‘Business’ of care by reducing costs, providing access to better products and services, improving visibility and helping you to embrace technology; all of which can ultimately facilitate better care for residents and service users.

For suppliers to the Care Sector our mission is to create the strongest route to market meaning that suppliers can provide the best possible products and services for our members in the most cost effective manner possible.

This different approach, this creation of a win:win situation for the care sector and its supply chain is achieved by listening to our members and hearing that the increased costs, the reduced fees, the empty beds are all creating major problems for them. By matching these issues with solutions from our suppliers we can help everyone involved. Think differently and do it. We are here to help you succeed.

Our members are made up from care providers such as care homes, nursing homes and domiciliary care agencies. We also have members that provide respite care or sheltered accommodation. In fact any quality care provider is welcome.

Logicare Plus Ltd previously traded in the UK under the name of Logical Care, but re-branded in 2013 to ensure the company name better reflected the wider company product and service offerings and values.

Our key values are:

  • Respect for the environment: We are only a small team but we recognise that every bit helps. We recycle all our paper and plastics, use low energy bulbs and drive cars with low CO2 emissions. In fact, any way we can, as long as it is practicable, we will.
  • Improve the Care Sector: We honestly believe that our strategy to fill beds, reduce costs and improve efficiency for our members coupled with our drive to promote technology and communication such as our ‘Connect4Life’ programme will ultimately lead to the provision of better care.
  • Be a Great Place to Work: Each of our team members is committed to Logicare Plus being the best and as a result spend a lot of time working to achieve just that. However, Logicare Loves captures our softer side under the banner of Corporate Social Responsibility. It's about how we look after our people, our charity and community efforts and how we do our bit for the environment. We take pride in working hard but have fun, work as a team and get better every day!
  • Integrity: Just like a stick of Blackpool rock, if you cut us through the middle you will see the word Integrity. This core underlying value influences everything we do. We will never knowingly mislead anyone and will always operate with integrity in mind in every aspect of our business.